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Paris, Spring 2005 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Pete James

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(no subject) [Jan. 27th, 2005|07:50 pm]
Pete James
As I said, I took a short trip outside Paris to Versailles to visit my friend Anne, and of course to see the Château. It was essentially everything I'd expected it to be: grandiose, forgivably pompous, and undeniably French. I was able to take a fairly interesting tour, La vie quotidienne du roi (The Daily Life of the King), where I saw, among other things, the bedroom where Louis XIV convened his infamous waking-up and bedtime ceremonies, and the room from which Marie Antoinette escaped in 1789. I definitely plan on taking another, longer trip back to the Château in the future, so I only took a few random photos; it was a bit too cold to have my hands overexposed.



Gallery of Mirrors, Ceiling & Chandelier Detail


Corner & Ceiling Detail


Fireplace & Mantle


Restoration (Gallery of Mirrors in Background)


Ceiling & Chandelier Detail


Window Detail


Uniden. No. 1


Uniden. No. 2


Bassin du Miroir, Garden


Door, No. 10, rue de l'Independance Américaine


Northwest View, Studio, No. 6, rue Denis Poisson


Concorde Lafayette


Kinara lives in Pigalle / Montmartre, so assuming I spend a bit of time around her neighborhood(s) this weekend, I'll hopefully have photos of Sacre Coeur, Abbesses, and just a few of the numerous sex shops typefied so well in Amélie. A Bientôt.
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